About Us


Construct the finest quality project while limiting environmental impact


Achieve design goals while expending the least precious resources


Design and fabricate site specific equipment that provides heightened performance and efficiency

Mission Statement

Creatively producing quality projects that restore habitat and grow relationships.

Vision Statement

BCI aspires to be a firm that focuses on delivering the highest quality wetland restoration efforts while providing opportunity for our staff to expand their abilities.

Core Values

By embracing most current technologies such as Global Satellite Positioning Systems, massive capacity fuel efficient equipment and developing proprietary equipment BCI has the ability to achieve precise results while using far less resources than our competitors. As the scope of project increases these advantages in efficiencies expands.

Conservation - preservation, protection and restoration of the natural environment

Innovation - creatively finding a new and better way

Diligence - dedicated and conscientious effort

Integrity - honest and having strong moral principles

Optimism - adaptable with positive core values